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Clash of Clans, or widely known as CoC, is one of today’s most popular massively multiplayer online (MMO) war games. It has a staggering player-base of over 100 million people. The game’s developer, Supercell, is continuously updating and improving the game, making it hard for players to keep up with the changes. The vast quantity of available information about the game also creates a steep barrier of entry for those who want to try it out. This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section aims to clear the confusion and make it easier for CoC players, old and new alike, to excel in the game.


This is the most comprehensive and detailed FAQ about Clash of Clans on the Internet today. As we continue to update it on a regular basis, we make sure it includes the most commonly asked questions in recent times and that the answers are up to date, clear, and accurate. As fans of the game ourselves, we make sure to verify each answer through careful and rigorous testing. By reading through this FAQ, you will get all the information you need to get the best possible start in Clash of Clans. You will learn of the most efficient ways of doing things while avoiding the common mistakes newbies make. We’ll help you get everything right the first time.


Information is the most powerful tool you can have in a game like CoC. Yes, having a reliable source of useful information can even be more effective than using real money to buy premium in-game currency. If you plan to take the game seriously, this is the best time to learn and master the mechanics. Go and unleash your full potential and rise up the ranks.


Read on and take your first step to become a top CoC player. We look forward to seeing you at the top of the leaderboards. Download and play Clash of Clans on your PC now! Check out other games from Supercell such as Clash Royale and Boom Beach!


Everything About Clash of Clans Release Date

Clash of Clans is a Finnish video game company. It is a “freemium” strategy game developed and published by Supercell. The latter was founded in sometime in June 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. Ikka Paananen is the current CEO.   The game is available on both Android and iOS, though its release on the two platforms […]

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How to Hack Clash of Clans on iOS

While some may not admit it, but most Clash of Clans players are interested in a hack. They could be sore losers, greedy winners, or players who are curious about the possibilities. Regardless, the thought of entertaining this idea is quite interesting.   So, could you actually Clash of Clans hack on iOS? If so, […]

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Clash of Clans Guide: How to Level Up Barbarians

Let’s say you are new to the Clash of Clans and you are still testing the water. As you are trying to study the game, you want to know the correct method of leveling up Barbarians. It is both easy and fun to do, and it will involve the Laboratory to level up this troop. […]

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Why Clash of Clans is Far From Dying?

If you think that Clash of Clans dead, then you got it all wrong. Supercell’s freemium mobile strategy video game is nowhere near from being shelved. Since its release, it became one of the biggest titles in the gaming community, and it continues to do so even today. Sure, you might have read online about […]

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