The Clash of Clans Boat: Everything You Need to Know

Remember this trailer back in May 2017? This got a lot of people so hyped about what Supercell had in store for the fans. Was it going to be a new sea raid? A brand new sea conquest? Maybe a PvP in the water? Whatever it was, players saw it as the biggest update in CoC.


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When it was released, it was revealed that the Clash of Clans boat was going to be the connection between two bases: The old Main Village and the brand-new Builder Base. While it wasn’t what most players expected like a sea battle, it still garnered so much excitement for the community because of how much new content it had.


A player needs a Level 4 Town Hall to be able to create a Boat. Rebuilding is free too. No gems, no coins. Finally, two bases connected by a boat that is free of charge and it takes just 3 seconds to build. The gameplay in Builder Base is faster and much more accessible than the one in the Main Village.


Along with the Boat came in new units that players never expected like the Super P. E. K. K. A. and the Night Witch. The Boat update also introduced new buildings such as the Double Cannon and the Push Traps.  The community absolutely adores the latter for its humorous way of launching units.


The Boat introduced a brand-new land for all the players. It also spawned new and faster gameplay such as automatic troop training, Versus Battle, and the Master Builder with his deadly Electric Hammer. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer units at all. You have to build new buildings with fresh new units. You also have one builder here—the Master Builder, but hey, he’s full of personality so that’s okay.


The Clash of Clans Boat was the much-needed update in the CoC universe, bringing the game a new competitive atmosphere to its 5-year old legacy.
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