Earning Clash of Clans Gems the Smart Way

Clash of Clans is technically free to play from the get-go. Yes, it’s possible to earn the premium in-game currency, Gems, without having to pay real money.


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The game can be pretty overwhelming if you’re just new to the game. Supercell is slapping all the promotions of discounted prices for their Gems. But don’t let that make you think that it’s extremely hard to get Gems for free. Trust us, it’s simpler than what you think it is. If you need to know how to earn gems without having to pay a single dime, allow us to share a few but effective solutions:


Clash of Clans Gems can be earned in a handful of ways: removing obstacles, participating in Events and opening Gem boxes, Gem mining, and achieving push trophies.


  1. Removing the obstacles is the earliest and easiest way to get yourself a good number of Gems. All you have to do is to take out the obstacles that show up every 3 hours in both the Main Village and Builder Base. While this method is low-risk, its results are low-reward too. You can only acquire up to 4 gems on a daily basis but hey, a Gem is a Gem.
  2. Events are common in F2P games and CoC is no different. Each event comes with a mission. You finish the missions, you get Gems. Simple.
  3. Another way of getting Clash of Clans Gems is by opening the Gem Box that only appears in the Main Village. When you open it, you get 25 Gems. You might want to open it asap so it the Gem Box comes back earlier.
  4. Gem mining is another low-risk, low-reward way of getting Gems and it’s only done in the Builder Base. The maximum number of Gems you get here is just 4 a day when your Gem Mine is fully upgraded.
  5. The last solution is to achieve Push Trophies. This is the hardest way to earn Gems but the payout is so worth it. What you have to do is be part of the Top 20 Players of the Top 3 Clans that are shown in your leaderboard. This is where the most competitive CoC players show up as everyone wants that payout of 750 to 2500 Gems every end of the Season. If you’re up for it, then go right ahead. Just don’t expect the other players to compete without them spending real money for Gems in order to enhance their bases further. It’s a high-risk, high-reward system.
  6. But if you can’t handle all that and just need Gems instantly, there is, of course, your wallet.


Make sure to check out the rest of our official Clash of Clans FAQs page. It contains more basic instructions and useful tips for highly effective CoC gameplay! Download the game here or click on the button on the right to play Clash of Clans PC now!


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