How to Become the Best Clash of Clans Player? | Advancing in CoC

Becoming the best in any game, whether casual or competitive, is no easy task. Much like reaching Mythic in Mobile Legends or Vainglorious in Vainglory, climbing up to the Top Players in Clash of Clans is going to be an uphill battle.


While CoC may be easy to play, it’s quite frankly tough to master.


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There are literally millions of players out there looking to be the best in their servers, each of them having their own strategies.


Here, we’ll be listing down the most basic tips for you to advance in Clash of Clans. Because nothing else feels better in the game than being able to have the Push Trophy and earn the 2500 Gem payout at the end of the season.


    1. Prepare a lot of Gems. In the world of business, they always say, “You need to spend money to earn money.” In the case of CoC, it’s no different. If you want all those Season-end Gem payouts, you have to spend Gems. If you’re truly dedicated to the game and you don’t mind spending your money for Gems at all, welcome to the world of competitive CoC where players literally spend lots of money to upgrade their bases very fast. After all, Gems are the only way to instantly turn your base from zero to hero in just a snap.
    2. Gather resources. With the help of Gems, getting resources like the Dark Elixir should be no problem. But take note that Dark Elixirs cost a hefty amount of Gems. Gold is for your raid fee and building upgrades while Elixirs are your primary unit upgrade currency. Use them wisely and see your army grow.
    3. Keep on raiding. Think of CoC like a Conqueror simulator. Think of yourself like Napoleon Bonaparte or Alexander the Great. Invade other nations and territories to show the might of your armies. This is all about clashing, hence the name of the game. If you want to be a renowned CoC player, you must conquer by raiding other players in real-time PvP.


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