Simple Ways to Hire Builders in Clash of Clans

Whatever real-time strategy game you play, you will always come across the most basic unit of the game. That unit is usually responsible for building the very foundation of your base. Much like the Engineers in Company of Heroes, the Peons of the Orc clan in Warcraft III, or the SCV from the Terran clan in StarCraft, the world of Clash of Clans relies on one type of unit for gradually expanding their villages: The Builders.


Builders in Clash of Clans are the quickest to hire and the cheapest to bring in your base early game. But they do become pricey after you have built a second hut. We’ll get to that later.


Whether you need to build a Town Hall or upgrade a Barracks, only Builders can do it.



So how do you hire builders? Through the Builder Hut, of course.


For every Builder Hut, you get one Builder unit so that means they’re automatically hired once you build a hut.

    • The first one is already built at the very start of the game. Though you’ll soon need more than one if you want your village to enhance much faster than your competition. Putting up a second Builder Hut will require Gems. It is absolutely essential that you save up Gems as time goes by. The Gem price of a Builder Hut increases the more of them you add to your base.
    • The maximum capacity of builder huts in your village is up to 5. The last 3 are quite expensive, starting from 500 to 1000 and, lastly, to 2000. But if you’re a big spender who doesn’t mind whaling, then these prices are very much worth your while.
    • If you want to save lots of precious Gems without having to spend a dime, the most ideal way to do it is through completing some in-game Achievements in exchange for Gems.


The rule of thumb is that the more builder huts you have, the faster your base will improve.


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