Clash of Clans Level Up Really Fast Efficiently

It’s natural for you to be envious of someone else in the game simply because their level is much higher than yours. But did you know there’s actually a very efficient way to increase your levels very quickly without having to resort to cheats and fake level up generators online? Let our small guide help you in gaining XP faster than a Bomber rushing to Town Hall 7.


Disclaimer: Don’t expect to go up to Rank 90 in a day. That’s just naturally impossible.


Here are three primary ways of leveling up in Clash of Clans:

    1. Upgrade defenses early game. To put it simply, upgrade time equals XP. If it’s a bomb tower or air defense, you upgrade it as soon as you have the resources. Doing so will give you a gradual amount of XP every day, resulting in an earlier Rank increase.
    2. Donate troops whenever you can. Sharing is caring, as they all say. Giving out troops isn’t a volunteer job at all; it rewards you with a good amount of XP. A lot of players claim they most got the biggest XP gains through donations. Whoever is requesting for troops, don’t be picky. Just give them. Or you can always join Donation Clans when they’re available. There’s a reason why they opened up a group for donating. Here are some known donation groups:
        • Request n’ Go Clans! (CHANGE CLAN FILTER TO LEVEL 3+ Clans!)
        • The 200 Club (Level 4, 25,000 trophies, VERY HIGH-LEVEL PLAYERS!!!)
        • Req n’ Go
        • Req n’ GTFO
    3. Max Donators (Level 5, 21,000 Trophies)
    4. Give Giants to whichever Clan you join. One of the most exploitable ways to get more XP in a faster rate is by joining random clans and donate Giants. Come on, everyone needs Giants, right? And by doing so, you get a chunk of good XP for doing so.


Do this on a regular and consistent basis and you’ll be in the higher ranks in no time! That’s how you level up in Clash of Clans.


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