Recruit Players in Clash of Clans the Effective Way

So you’ve finally created your own clan. Cheers to you! However, your clan does feel empty and you desire for that organic touch from other players. You decide to recruit players but you don’t know how.


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Here, we’ll be teaching you the most effective ways to do Clash of Clans recruiting.

    1. Don’t write vague invites on the global message board. Don’t you just hate when you open up the global message board and you see tons of people spamming garbage like “JOIN” or “ENTER NOW”? We sure are. But what if we told you can actually write an effective invite? Instead of just saying “JOIN ME” or “LET’S PLAY AND HAVE FUN”, write an invite that provides benefits for other players too. Something like “New players needed. 24/7 Donations. Raids all the time.” As long as it includes a payout for the clan, you’ll more or less get some recruits in a day.
    2. Invite people manually on the global message board. It’s always nice when someone invites you to a party in real life, right? The same goes to Clash of Clans. You invite someone, there’s always a big chance they’ll go. Just tap on the name and press Invite. Simple. Just don’t expect all of them to join you, though but this is more attainable than having to copy-paste your recruit message on the global board over and over again.
    3. Invite players from the Defense and Attack Logs. If you feel like you’re overwhelmed by the endless waves of messages on the global board, go somewhere more confined and calmer—like the Defense/Attack Logs. Here, you’ll be able to find players without a Clan by not showing a symbol at all. Just tap Invite and wait for them to join you.
    4. Another effective way to get people to join you is to go through the Trophy leaderboard and check the players who are near to your rank. Don’t bother the ones that are higher than you—pick the ones that are slightly above you and the rest below. Just tap on a player’s name and choose Invite.


If you’re desperate to find mates to join your crew, just do this every day for at least 10 minutes of your time each day and just watch as your Clan grows.


But if you’re not shameless in real life, you can do this type of Clash of Clans recruit.


Make sure to check out the rest of our official Clash of Clans FAQs page for more useful tips for highly effective CoC gameplay! Download and play Clash of Clans on PC today!


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