Get Reinforcements Fast by Requesting Troops in Clash of Clans

Don’t you just hate it when you’re minding your own business making your base bigger only to discover enemies suddenly raiding your clan and obliterating so many resources and now you’re staring at a crumbled civilization? Maybe you regret focusing more on your economy than your military to counter-attack an invasion?


Well, that’s where the help of other people steps in and save the day.


Clash of Clans Donate Troops


How do you ask for aid?


All you have to do is to request troops in Clash of Clans.


What you need are 2 important things: Your clan and your Clan Castle.


    1. Requesting troops is very handy. It can get you out of very tight situations whether it’s a random AI enemy or when it comes to Clan Wars.
    2. You can request troops by, of course, joining a clan first. You can do so by searching for one or confirming an invitation. When you finally have a clan, your Clan Castle will gain the ability to request troops from your fellow clanmates.
    3. Simply tap on the Clan Castle and a message box will appear. Write that you need help fast or request for specific attack units such as Barbarians or Archers.
    4. If your clan is kind enough, they’ll send reinforcements as soon as possible to help you combat your enemies.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone else fight the battle together with you, right?


There is a major backdrop though. You have to wait for 20 minutes until the requested troops arrive. If you can’t wait that long, then you can always press Request Now but that will cost some precious Gems.


We recommend that you keep those Gems for other things. Better save your Gems for leveling up buildings or buying a new Builder Hut. After all, 20 minutes isn’t so bad unless you’re the impatient type and doesn’t mind spending more money for Gems.


Learn how you can donate troops to your fellow clan mates here! Check out the rest of our official Clash of Clans FAQs page for other useful tips for highly effective CoC gameplay! Download Clash of Clans on PC today!

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