How to Move Your Clash of Clans Account from iPhone to Android?

So you’ve invested hundreds if not, thousands of hours in Clash of Clans on your iPhone. But suddenly, for some reason, you decided to buy a new Android phone later on.


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It could be because you’re tired of the overpriced tags of Apple products, looking to add more customizations to your Phone’s software, or just simply because Android phones have more technical access than iPhones. Then you start to wonder how on earth are you going to transfer Clash of Clans from iPhone to Android?


There’s only one and effective way: Linking your device. How? We’ll show you exactly how.

    1. First, and the most obvious part, you should have already installed CoC in your Android device.
    2. Make sure that both CoC games are open in your old iPhone and your Android.
    3. When you boot CoC in your new Android device, look at the upper-left portion of the screen, just above the Sign-In button. You should see “Already have a village?” Tap on it.
    4. On your iPhone, go to Settings and choose Link a Device.
    5. For the iPhone, choose “This is the old device” whilst on Android, select “This is the new device.”
    6. On the iPhone, pick “I want to link another device” and a 12-digit code will show up.
    7. On your Android, tap the G+ button where you will be signed-in with your Google Play account. A prompt should show up that will let you enter the 12-digit code from the iPhone.
    8. Enter the code and hit Done.  Your Android phone should be able to load all the data directly from your iPhone.


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