Get the People to Join Your Clash Royale Clan

Imagine creating a clan where no one actually joined? What a tragedy, right? Well, we have a solution to your problem! If you are looking for a clan to join, read here to find out more!

Meet new people who have the same goal as you and get to know them when you practice together within your clan. Practice donating your cards as well! It’s much better to do things together than doing it alone and for yourself only! It’s a sweeter win if you’ve got loot to share amongst the clan. More often than not, if you’re a passionate player or a skilled one, you’re bound to make pretty good clan-friends.


These are some of the practical things you should do to make people want to join the clan:

  • Increase your Trophies.
  • The top three members must have a good number of trophies as they contribute for around 60% of total clan trophies.
  • Ask your friends who play Clash Royale to join your clan.
  • Join Facebook Clash Royale groups and advertise your clan there.
  • Have a catchy or cool name and description. Don’t go for something silly. No one would want to join a guild like that.
  • Hold regular tournaments if possible.
  • Have elections for elders and co-leaders the clan.
  • Ask your clan-mates to spread the word about your clan.
  • Be nice and fair to your clan.


Now that you have more clan mates, do play Clash Royale on PC with them today!


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