How Popular is Clash Royale?

For the longest time, Clash Royale was known as the ultimate mobile game that you have to download. Clans were created, people continue to share the word with people, and hence the popularity is soaring! Try it out yourself and find out more when you play Clash Royale on PC.



After Supercell released it in 2012, Clash Royale continues to be a highly downloaded game. Positive reviews flooded the game as it spreads globally! Millions fell in love with the game and immediately downloaded it. In 2016, it was announced that globally, Clash Royale passed the milestone of 100 million active players per day. On average, there are about 120 to 128 million people that are playing Clash Royale regularly.

There are over 50 million reported downloads on Android and about 25 million on iOS devices. In fact, on, Clash Royale is ranked 2nd in the top 10 downloaded games of the week!

The mechanics of the game is simple: you have to destroy the three enemy towers while your opponent tries to destroy yours. The first to succeed in 3 minutes wins the fight. As a reward, the winner will receive cards, gold, gems, and trophies. What’s good about Clash Royale is you get to expand your connections with other people and is actually an avenue to meet new friends! The game allows you to play against other connected players too! By joining a clan which starts in level 3, and by participating through tournaments starting from level 8, you get to level up, and increase your chances of winning!

Join a clan today and have fun playing Clash Royale!

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