How to be Part of a Clan in Clash Royale?

Looking for new friends? Looking for a teammate? It’s pretty simple actually! Want to know how? Read more! Find out more when you play Clash Royale on PC.



Follow these simple steps: first, if you are looking for a clan, click the “search” bar and search a clan, or else you can see from clan recommendations. Then once you chose your selected clan, you would see “join” button—as easy as that! After that, if you are eligible for the clan after reading the required conditions, it would be so easy to join instantly! In some cases, there are clans where you will have to send an invite request. This could be due to their setting set to “Invite Only”. Thus, acceptance of the request from the members of the clan will only happen if they like your profile. If not, they will reject your request, most of the times without explanation. Upon rejection, you’re able to send another invite message only after 24 hours.


On the other hand, if you are those that are looking for someone to recruit or invite to your clan. These are the practical ways to add people to your clan: First thing you can do is to make and keep your clan public so that people are able to see you in the suggested clans and will be easy to join. Secondly, set the required trophy count as low as possible, and lastly, give your clan a unique name enough to make you stand out.


It is also suggested to indicate on the criteria: the joiners is guaranteed with a co-leader status, the joiners will initiate tournaments as often as possible, the joiners will invite as many people as they possibly can and that they would get many people that they know in real life to join your clan. Simple and easy!


Once you start building your clan with a few people, be sure to build the rapport within your clan. Encourage card donations and promote the highest donors. Take advantage of the active players and in return, make them elders! To make your clan successful, you need to make sure everyone is participating. So kick out members who are inactive as they may be dragging the rest of the clan down!


Find out more when you download the game! And if you want to bring more people into the game, we got you! Read more and find out how to get people to join your clan!

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