How to Play Well in Clash Royale?

Before we give you tips on how to be good in this game, it’s wise that you download it on your PC and find out more when you actually play Clash Royale.

This has been a common question for people who are up for the competition and is fueled by their ambition to rank on the top! Good news! There are a lot of strategies to win Clash Royale not just one time, but also be good at it all the time!

For beginners, know that balance is the key to mixing your units. It does not have to be all strong units. It’s okay to have some weak units mixed in. Just remember not to spend all of your elixir on strong units. Always keep in mind that the most important type of deck is the units that attack the air forces, units that destroy towers and units that defend towers. Know your elixir averages to get the right timing for it to be put down. So that the lower the time, the better you will be at the game!


Clash Royale Card Level Up


It’s also good to recognize the weak points of the towers in the game, in that case, if you recognize that the tower will surely be destroyed, do not waste any extra resources on it anymore and abandon it. Attack instead of defense! Other than that, focus on which cards you use and be aware of its ability so you get to grow and upgrade in levels. Keep those balanced decks that suits your gameplay. If you are on the aggressive side, focus on upgrading faster moving units. If you remain on the defensive side, upgrade more of the protecting units.

Surely, it will take some time before you actually practice all the steps for these but that’s okay! Aim high and reach for the win! Discover more of the ins and outs of the game in order to win it!

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