Improve Your Clash Royale Gameplay

Want to know how to “three-crown” your opponents? Read on to find out more! For other tricks, be sure to check out our Clash Royale FAQ page!


Tip 1. Play with patience and mindfulness, not emotions.

You will be tempted to do something when you see how your opponent plans to take you down. It is a really frustrating position to actually wait for the right moment to attack. Especially in higher arenas where you can’t attack without a game plan. So it is advisable to be more practical and organize all the planned attacks with a host of complementary units to smash down the offending opponent. But if you find yourself in the middle of a battle that you are already winning, just carry on with the backup that you already have. Just remember one important thing: by taking down the enemy’s King Tower, you will win automatically, having secured 3 crowns. This is how you get better at Clash Royale!

Tip 2. Hold your horses

If the time comes that you happen to bring down a tower and your troops begin attacking towards the opponent’s King Tower, hold back! In the meantime, the enemy will be working on one of your outer towers to cause destruction. If they do this, you must let them. Just think that this means that their troops will be very far away from their king tower, and as they plan to attack, you would have already seized them!

Tip 3. Control your greedy urges!

Don’t play the game if you aren’t confident! Play safe and defend well. When you play Clash Royale, you will be tempted to use every piece of gold you have on upgrades. But you must resist the urge and only upgrade when you have to! To prevent wasting your money, it is suggested to upgrade common ones before the rare. Being able to control the greedy urges is how to get better at Clash Royale!
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