Know the Best Clash Royale Deck

Everyone wants the best for themselves! Admit it or not because that’s a natural desire. It all depends on YOU! What do you think is the best? Find out more when you play Clash Royale!

The question of which is the best deck is a pretty common question that we prepared to answer. But before that, one should be familiar with what a basic deck should consist of in terms of the range of abilities. Specifically, DPS, Tank, Attack, Defense, Aerial, Ground, Ranged and Close.



From among the choices from the game, a popular favorite is the Prince, an Epic card. He is not expensive elixir wise, and once leveled up appropriately, he can take on the Princess towers by himself. Now comes the Giant Skeleton which is also a pretty good choice. He is known as a great tank and is able to push out DPS (Damage Per Second). Using the skeleton as a defensive piece is a smart way to tackle the enemy.
Wizard is another great card to use. He’s low in HP, so it’s best to put him behind a tank, it will be a good idea to pair him with the Giant Skeleton! There are Elite Barbarians as well, they are fast, has high DPS, and is a great idea for a rush attack! And lastly, we’ve got the Skeleton army. They are perfect for wiping out Giants and other high DPS cards very quickly. For your defense, the Valkyrie is a good choice for countering the skeleton army with the swings of her ax.

Make sure to do sufficient research on the cards and pick out the ones that best suits your playing style! It would help if you level up in Clash Royal too!

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