Level Up in Clash Royale

In order to level up in Clash Royale, you obviously need experience points. There are three ways to obtain experience.


One thing you should do to level up is through the cards! The higher you level them up, the more experience you have! First, know how to level up your cards, this will happen through the golds. But to balance out this advice, this does not mean that you have to level up all cards. Of course, do not level up the cards that does not really mean much to you! Donate them to avoid wasting your time and money!



Another good thing to do is to donate. It may be optional, but this is actually vital! Not doing could this compromise you and your gameplay as well! You may feel like you don’t want to donate because you don’t want to ruin your army composition. But whenever you donate, you actually earn gold and experience points. Still, watch out for the cards that you want to level up. For example, if you’re focusing on leveling up the Wizard, then donate everything except your Wizards. If you want to level up in Clash Royale, then try to always donate!


In-Game Achievements

Lastly, try to complete the in-game achievements. This will not only help you gain experience points but will also give you gems. Not only that, but you also earn free chests and crown chests. To help you more in leveling up your game, we got your back. Read more here to know how to play it better and find out practical steps to do it!


You can now play Clash Royale on PC and start leveling up! For more tips and tricks, check out our Clash Royale FAQ page !

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