What to Do to Get the Clash Royale Prince?

Clash Royale is more than a game of tower rush. This game is a Real Time Strategy game (RTS). This just means that the cards you play matter as much as your strategic skills. So it is vital that you have cards ready to help you meet your goals. Set your priorities straight because the aim is always about bagging those crowns. Now, let’s talk more about Clash Royale Prince also known as the Epic card.

The first thing you need to know about Clash Royale Prince card is the stats that go along with this card: 1,100 Hit Points, 220 Damage, Targets ground, Range is 2.5, 146 DPS, 1.5-second Hit Speed, Medium Speed, 1 second Deploy Time.



With this kind of stats, it sure is hard to win over an opposing clan with this card, on the other hand, it is would be the greatest time of your life if you got this card! What a privilege to have this epic card!

The developers recognize how having this card is such a steal! So to counter that, the bad news is not everyone gets this card! Since this card has a ton of health, deals a really good amount of damage, and if he gets charging (which is easy for him to do), he’ll do double the damage!

This is a good deal out there that could make or break the battle! Wondering how you’d get this? You can do it by winning chests on chests. Sometimes, this may be up for sale, but it’ll leave you broke! This card costs a whopping 2,000 gold! Definitely not like the usual 40 gold Musketeer card or three gold Spear Goblins card.

You may not get this card immediately, but worry not, there are other factors that will help you win, with good gameplay and a decent deck, anything is possible!

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