Are Unlimited Lives Possible in Gardenscapes?

We believe that nobody ever wants to have limited lives. Nobody even wants to wait for the free lives every 30 minutes or so. So, we got a little secret to tell you so you don’t have to panic when you run out of lives. Believe it or not, the answer is in your fingertips. Read more below.


Gardenscapes Unlimited Lives Trick


After you run out of lives in Gardenscapes, exit the game. Switch off the Wifi connection on your PC. Make sure that there is no Internet connection to your PC. Then, go to your desktop “Date & Time” setting by clicking the Search bar on your desktop and searching the word “Time”. Turn off the “Set Time Automatically” function and change the time of your computer to a later time. Set your time 1-2 hours forward. Since every 30 minutes equates to 1 life, 1 hour equals 2 lives, 2 hours equal 4 lives; 3 hours is equal to 6 lives. Since the maximum number of lives that the game holds is 5, there is no need to change the time to more than 4 hours in advance.


Upon doing so, relaunch the game once you have changed the time. You’ll see that you have lives again and you will be able to continue clearing those Gardenscapes levels! The next time it happens again, just do the instruction above every time you run out of lives! Change the timing of the game again to recover those lives. Thus, creating unlimited lives!



This trick is common and frequently used by players. However, there are some reported risks of doing this so you are still advised to try it at your own risk. Some reported that it could mess up the game entirely whenever you revert the time to your original clock settings. For others, it crashes the game by not loading. Nonetheless, this is the ultimate game changer.


Apply this on other games as well! Now that you know the trick, no need to wait for the next lives or no need to even ask people on Facebook for help! With just one click, you got everything you need! Learn more of the tips and tricks like the Honeycomb guide on our website!

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