Argus Mobile Legends: Origins, Powers, Skills and Abilities

“Let my sword hear your last words!” thunders the voice of the Fallen Angel, known to us Argus, the killing machine of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Having him as the hero of the game makes it easy to vanquish enemies and makes you immune to thieves. Without a doubt, Argus is one of the strongest heroes in the game.


Argus is the only fallen angel in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. After countless battles, Argus became overwhelmed as each victory fuels his lust for power. He continuous to wander, seeking conflict, in search for blood and more power.


In the previous version, he was a glitched hero, a Heavenly Angel and possessed the Light of Dawn skin. In the latest version of the game, he now has silver armor and orange lights instead of his original black armor and green lights. Originally cost at 123,456 BP and 123,456 Diamonds, Argus now cost 200, 000 BP and 200,000 Diamond — a hefty price but that’s something worthy for an immortal hero to have in your arsenal for team fights.



Argus Mobile Legends Key Skills

  • Warmonger
  • Demonic Grip
  • Meteoric Sword
  • Eternal Evil


Item Builds:

  • Immortality – +40 Magic Resistance, +800 HP and can resurrect 2 seconds after death + 15% HP
  • Swift Boots – +15% of speed on attacks
  • Scarlet Phantom – + 40% speed on attacks, +30% on physical attack and +10% Critical Strike Rate
  • Blade of Despair- +25% of speed on attacks +130 physical attack and 10% Critical Strike Chance
  • Haas’s Claws -+70 physical attack + 20% Lifesteal


Highest attack

Argus possesses the highest speed which makes him the ultimate suppressor on the game. He can regain speed from physical damage but not on magical damage. His vulnerability to magical damage means he struggles against magic assassins – so keep an eye on those fellas.


When fully charged, Argus can double his powers and can launch two attacks simultaneously. With his Meteoric Sword, the enemy bleeds in as quick as 5 seconds.


Make use of Argus’s might powers and claim another glorious battle. Want to put Argus’s powers to the test? Download Mobile Legends for PC and play it for free!

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