Is Berserker’s Fury a.k.a. Blade Of Destruction The Most Powerful Weapon In Mobile Legends?

Blade of Destruction in Mobile Legends is considered one of the most powerful weapons a player can equip to his or her character. In fact, when used correctly, this weapon can cause massive damage to enemies. With a single swipe, this sword can eliminate surrounding enemies easily regardless of its number.


Perhaps one of the best things about the Blade of Destruction is that it can be carried by any heroes in Mobile Legends. However, it’s still best to equip it with a character that has the most compatibility with its attributes. This will allow a player to experience the weapon’s full potential.



A previous patch note has brought tons of changes to Mobile Legends, including improvements to the all-time favorite weapon, the Blade of Destruction.


The sword that we used to love and equip a lot is now made even better with new features. Players of Mobile Legends should now call it the Berserker’s Fury. Along with its name change, its attributes have been adjusted as well, including +65 physical attack, +25% critical hit chance, and +40% critical hit damage.


Just by looking at the stats, you can easily tell the extent of damage it can cause to enemies. This will be amplified even more if you equipped it to compatible heroes.



To reap the full benefits of Berserker’s Fury, combine with the Blade of Despair or Scarlet Phantom. It is also worth noting that the potential of this weapon may not be too visible if the player is still at a relatively low level in Mobile Legends.


That being said, it’s best to up your game first and work on your level before using this weapon. A good level plus an excellent weapon will definitely bring a huge advantage in your gameplay during an intense battle in Mobile Legends.


Play Mobile Legends for PC here and try out this powerful weapon!

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