Best Item Build In Mobile Legends Revealed

Every player would definitely understand how important it is to get the best build items in Mobile Legends. These items will not only make gameplay a lot easier but also provide an advantage against the enemies. If you are in the process of deciding which build items to use in the game, you might want to check out our suggestions below.



Ancient Ghostatue

This Removed Gear features a unique Passive Runner skill. This allows a player to boost movement speed by 60 on leaving combat. Ancient Ghostatue also provides +920 HP, +70 HP Regen, and +5 Cooldown Reduction.


Arcane Boots

This item falls under the Movement Gear. It has a unique effect of enhancing a player’s movement speed by 40. Arcane Boots also provide +15 Magic Damage Reduction.


Ares Belt

This must-have build item belongs to the Defensive Gear category, making it ideal for defense tactics. Ares Belt allows players to withstand massive attacks before dying. By using this item, heroes will obtain +770 HP.



Athena’s Shield

Also under the Defensive Gear is the Athena’s Shield, which possesses unique abilities that can be advantageous during battle. Players who have this item will benefit from damage-absorbing armor every 30 seconds. Its absorption level increases as the match continue until it reaches its max level of 1150. This build item also provides +900 HP, +20 HP Regen. And +56 Magic Resistance.


Azure Blade

This item belongs to the Magic Gear. Heroes equipped with this item are likely to inflict magical damages to enemies. Azure Blade’s unique passive skill is the Judgment. It allows players to have 50 extra damage on the next attack after using a basic skill. Aside from that, it also has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds. This build item can provide heroes with +25 Magic Power and +300 Mana in Mobile Legends.

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