Best Mobile Legends Assassin Revealed

If you’re into the assassin hero in Mobile Legends, then you’re probably wondering who among the roster is the best. Well, it’s true that every player has their own preferences and choices, but here’s a quick guide to help you decide who is the best Mobile Legends Assassin.




This femme fatale has a wide range of skills. The most prominent one is the Claw Dash or clawing the enemy’s back to death. Typically, Natalia would position herself behind the enemy to inflict massive damage. She also has a Smoke Bomb, which basically acts as a mild crowd control, yet enabling her to evade and boost attack speed.


Natalia’s ultimate skill is the Cold-blooded Strangling, which allows her to inflict massive damage to the target. She can also go invisible when in a bush, something that is considered an assassin’s instinct.




If you are looking for an epic sword-fighting action, then Saber is the hero for you. This assassin has the perfect combination of physical defense shred, a.k.a. Enemy’s Bane and lockdown skill, a.k.a. Triple Sweep. Saber is sure to bring a steady flow of Damage Per Secon (DPS) to the team, making him a great asset during battles.


One of his abilities is the Flying Sword, which allows him to stay at a safe distance and inflict damage at the same time. He can also cover the necessary distance to hurt and slice his enemies, giving his teammates an opportunity to follow up the attack.




This beautiful yet deadly hero is another great example of assassins in Mobile Legends. She can create serious damage to the enemies, especially with an increased speed. She also has the so-called Tornado Strike, which allows Fanny to inflict damage like a tornado.


Her main mobility skill, the Steel Cable, enables her to cover distances, giving her team an advantage during a fight.


Fanny’s ultimate skill is the Cut Throat. Basically, it helps you trigger an attack on the enemies with massive damage. Such damage will be increased if the enemy is marked as a Prey.


These are just a few of the best Mobile Legend assassin. Play Mobile Legends in your PC and try them out now!

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