Everything you need to know about Gear in Mobile Legends

Players who are keen on taking their gameplay to the next level can definitely benefit from Gear in Mobile Legends. Not only will it make their heroes more powerful but it will also make battles more intense and competitive.


If you’re a newbie, you might be wondering what gears are. Perhaps, at one point, you might even be confused as to what their purpose may be.


Well, gears are pretty much a set of in-game items that you can purchase for your hero. These useful items can be bought at any stage of the game, even if the player is in an active battle.


There are several types of gears in Mobile Legends. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.



Attack Gear

These are items that allow a hero to have an increased physical attack. They work best with Fighter, Assassin, and Marksman. Attack gears also have unique statistics, including Lifesteal, Critical Chance, Attack Speed, Penetration, and Physical Damage.


Some examples of attack gears are Scarlet Phantom, Demon Hunter Sword, Deadly Blade, and Berserker’s Fury.


Magic Gear

The name speaks for itself. These gears give magic powers to players, which increase the damage of skills. They are most compatible with Mage and Support. Some of its specializations include additional effects to spells and increased spells’ capabilities.


Magic gears also have unique statistics, such as Spell Vamp, CD Reduction, Penetration, and Magic Power.


Holy Crystal, Ice Queen Wand, Glowing Wand, and Blood Wings are a few examples of Magic gears.



Defense Gear

These items allow players to endure more damage before dying. These defensive gears are highly-recommended for its abilities, such as giving off negative effects to enemies and even immortality.


Defense gears work best with Tank and Support. They also have unique statistics, which include CD Reduction, Shield, HP, and Armor.


Some of the most powerful defense gears include Sky Guardian Helmet, Oracle, Dominance Ice, and Thunder Belt.


Movement Gears

Players who want to move faster in the game should consider buying movement gears. Some examples of movement gears include Arcane Boots, Swift Boots, Demon Boots, and Rapid Boots.


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