Everything You Need To Know About Ranked Games In Mobile Legends

In any MOBA games, the rank mode is definitely the most interesting feature. It gives you the opportunity to show off your skills and see which among the players you are battling with are worth competing. The same thing can be said for ranked games Mobile Legends. It gives the same intensity and excitement, as you challenge other people and test one another.



So how does rank gaming in Mobile Legends work? Check it out below.


The Basics

When your account managed to reach level 8 with at least five heroes at your disposal, you are pretty much qualified to play the ranked mode. Under this mode, you will be matched by the system with opponents with compatible skills and strengths, making the battle more competitive.


The best part about this mode is that you can actually invite your friends to join you in ranked games. You can fight your way to victory with the help of your reliable allies online and increase your level alongside them.


The ranked mode also supports various matches, such as Solo, Double, and 5-Player Match-Ups. It is worth noting though that your invited friends should be in the same division as you or else you will not end up in the same team.


The Divisions

Mobile Legends offer at least 7 divisions in its rank mode, starting from the lowest to the highest: Warrior, Elite Master, Grand Master, Epic, Legend, and Mythic. For every victory you earn in a ranked play, you can get one star. If you lose, you also lose a star.



If you already have full stars, your next victory will allow you to get promoted. If it is the other way around, then your next defeat will give you a demotion. In Warrior division, however, there will be no stars deducted due to losses.


Mythic is considered to be the highest division in the ranked game. In fact, the top 50 players under this rank are entitled to get the coveted Mythic title. This one is perfect for bragging rights! Aside from that, players with Mythic or Glorious Mythic rank can unlock exclusive items in the game, such as avatar borders.


When a season ends and a new one starts, a starting division needs to be calculated based on the final division you reached in the previous season.


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