Exclusive Mobile Legends Wallpapers Just for You!

Video game wallpapers are no surprise these days. They come in all shapes and sizes, both physical (good for your room) or digital (good for your desktop or mobile home screen).


It’s a simple concept when a game is popular and it garners a community—if the community loves it, wallpapers naturally flock in, whether official or fan-made. The same thing goes for Moonton’s very own Mobile Legends.


There are over millions of daily active players and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Players have come to know and love the game more than just its gameplay and core mechanics:


The heroes, the map, the endless stream of colorful skins and even the lore.


And such passion results into a fandom. And from a fandom, it turns into freebies.


One of those freebies is wallpapers. If you’re reading this and you’re looking to swank up your desktop, phone or any handheld device, you’re in luck. At the very bottom of this page are the links to our hand-picked best websites for ML wallpapers.



There are literally dozens of websites out there but trust us when we say not all of them are pretty good. Honestly, some of them are just very blurry or badly edited. What you want to find are the HD-quality displays. Whether you’re finding for the official splash arts such as the likes of Layla or Clint, or maybe a romantic non-canon ship fan art ship of Hayabusa x Kagura, it’s always best if they’re displayed in picture-perfect quality. It would be such sore eyes if they were more pixelated than Minecraft with low settings running on a windowed 800 x 600 resolution, right?


We have gathered some good links to the best variations of Mobile Legends wallpapers just for you. And yes, each Mobile Legends wallpaper is for free.


Mobile Wallpapers


Desktop Wallpapers


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