Get To Know Freya In Mobile Legends

Beautiful, yet deadly! That sums up the character of Freya in Mobile Legends. With her superior abilities and fighting skills matched with striking looks, this fighter hero is definitely a femme fatale.


Let’s take a closer look at Freya Mobile Legends story and see why she has always been a fan favorite.




Freya has quite an interesting backstory. Based on a famous folklore from the Nost Gal, once a warrior dies in action, the goddess of war known as Freya will descend from the sky and kiss the spirit of the deceased. After that, she will take the fallen to the Temple of Heroes, where they could start a new life.


Interestingly, Freya herself is a feared warrior. She is more than capable of attacking and defending herself using her mighty sword and armor. She can also transform into a halberd and break the enemy formation.



Skills / Abilities

In Mobile Legends, Freya is known for her Spirit Contact ability. This allows her to create a sacred shield that surrounds a hero after every second basic attack. After it has been loaded three times, the sacred shield accelerator will be activated, which in return can create more damage to enemies.


Freya also possesses the Wings of Faith. What it does is simply allowing her to get into the target area, creating massive damage to nearby enemies as she pulls them into the center. She has the so-called Tooth of Greed, which gives her +70 physical attack and 20% life steal with unique passive-insanity. This enables her to receive an extra 10% physical life-steal once HP drops below 40%.


Aside from that. Freya possesses the Valkyrie mode. This enables her to inflict physical damage to enemies, slowing them down in the process.


Freya’s attack speed can be dramatically increased as well with the use of her Godspeed Strike ability. It enhances the speed of the first three basic attacks up to five seconds.


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