Get To Know Kagura In Mobile Legends

Avid players of the game will definitely agree that Kagura in Mobile Legends is a powerful Mage hero. But what makes her really stand out from the rest? Let’s find out below.



Before her life as a powerful mage, Kagura lived with the Kagura family – one of the oldest and most prominent clans of the Onmyouji. Because of her family’s reputation, they were given a powerful heirloom from the yin and yang — the Seimei umbrella.


According to legends, the umbrella was created by Seimei himself and was granted the power of a hundred ghosts. There were even claims that it has its own wisdom and life, which can be controlled by the rightful owner.


When she heard that Hayabusa, her childhood friend, traveled to the Land of Dawn to take on deadly missions, she decided to follow suit and take the Seimei umbrella with her. Her goal is to help him in dangerous battles.





Yin Yang Gathering

This passive skill can be triggered when the Seimei umbrella become one with Kagura. It generates a shield that can inflict 300 points of damage. It can even stun and slow down nearby enemies. The Yin Yang Gathering is effective for about 4.5 seconds.


Rasho Umbrella Flee

This skill can inflict 205 magic damage to nearby enemies when Kagura has the Seimei Umbrella. When Kagura is not equipped with the umbrella, the debuffs will be removed as she moves to a particular direction.


Seimei Umbrella Open

This particular skill allows the players to move the Seimei Umbrella to a specific area and inflict up to 330 magic damage to nearby enemies. It can also slow them down by 60 percent.


Yin Yang Overturn

When Kagura has the Seimei umbrella, it can inflict 260 magic damage and knocks back nearby enemies. If she doesn’t have it, it deals 330 magic damage and creates a link to them that can slow down their movement. With this skill, Cool Down for Seimei Umbrella Open will also reset.


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