How to Access Mobile Legends Advanced Server?

While playing Mobile Legends, you notice that some of your friends seem to be playing a different version of the game. It seems that your friend is using a more updated version of the game. Indeed, in Mobile Legends, there are two types of servers, which are the Original Main Server and the Advanced Server. Most of the players will play inside the Original Server of the game. The purpose of the Advanced Server is that is used by developers for Beta testing of new features of the game before it comes out of Mobile Legends Original Server, That is why it has the latest features, new heroes and even maps of the game.



There are several advantages when you are playing on this server of Mobile Legends. Once you are inside the Advanced Server, prizes and bonuses are automatically given to the players such as skins and Mobile Legends heroes. For users who are inside the Advanced Server, they get special perks and privileges by reporting glitches, bugs, and errors. It’s basically rewarding players for helping developers test out the updated game before rolling it out to the general public.


Another advantage of using the Advanced Server is the updates. Updates are much faster for players who are registered in the Advanced Server. For example, players will have access to exclusive content that comes with the updates likes new skins and heroes before it is released to the Original Server. However, keep in mind that since the Advanced Server is used as a testing ground, you’ll definitely encounter some glitches so best to report them so you get the rewards.


So the next question is, how does one become eligible to access the Advanced Server? Registering in the Advanced Server is free and will not require a player to purchase the account. Basically, eligible players are those at least Level 20 and above, an Android user in the Southeast Asia Region, with stable network latency. Sounds easy right? But wait, not all eligible users will be able to access the Advanced Server at a given time since it is limited to a specific number of users that is why it is always full. Moonton, the creators of the game, usually does a cleanup of the players inside this server when they no longer meet the criteria so this allows new players inside the Advanced Server, so just continue to try your luck.


Lastly, when you are able to create an account in the Advanced Server, make sure that you bind your account to your Facebook, Google Play, or VK account. This way, it will not wipe away your progress and you can switch anytime between the two servers.


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