How to fix Mobile Legends crash on iPad?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Moonton. Though initially designed for mobile phones, the game is also playable on PC.


In Mobile Legends, opposing teams will fight their way to victory by reaching and destroying the enemy’s base – all while defending their own. Each party is composed of five players, who control their characters from their own devices.



Since the game is online and typically composed of multiple players at once, it’s inevitable for it to crash. The worst part is, it tends to crash during a crucial time in the game, particularly during an intense battle.


A lot of players have been complaining about Mobile Legends crash on iPad while in the middle of the game. Some couldn’t even get pass through the loading screen, which could be really annoying.


So, what really causes the crash? How do you fix it?


Normally, an app like Mobile Legends requires high memory and good internet connection in order to run smoothly. A crash can be attributed to other factors as well like an outdated system, wrong installation of the game, or a faulty update.



If your Mobile Legends crash on iPad, the first and simplest thing you can do is to force close or quit the game. By doing so, you are taking it off from the memory, allowing you to relaunch the game in a clean state.


You might also want to try force rebooting your iPad instead of just simply restarting it. Usually, a hard reboot works wonders and can solve almost all sorts of software issues.


If the said steps still didn’t work, check if your Mobile Legends is up to date. When the game crashes as soon as you launch it, chances are, there are changes made in the game by the developer. By updating to a new version, your game will be free from compatibility issues or other bug causing the crash.


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