Karina Mobile Legends Story

Known as a hard-hitting melee assassin, Karina is the hero that you should definitely take a good look at. This hero has the perfect combination of massive damage and effective ability effects on enemies. To get a better understanding of Karina in Mobile Legends here’s a brief backstory.





Karina belongs to the group of Dark Elves, former Moon Elves who turned their backs and lost faith to the Moon God. These evil elves, including Karina, make a living by taking on assassination missions to other races, particularly using dark energy.


Karina is considered one of the best among the Dark Elves, effortlessly fulfilling every killing tasks she has. However, things took a different turn when her sister, Selena, was picked to be the group’s next sacrifice.


With all her might, Karina fought the Dark Elves in a bid to save her sister. Unfortunately, she was not able to save her. Caught in the brink of death, Karina helplessly watched as Selena was taken away.


That was when she prayed to the gods for help. And just when the Dark Elves were about to end her life, a miracle happened, giving Karina immense power. Apparently, the Moon God still watched over the Dark Elves despite their betrayal.



After seeing Karina being blessed with astonishing powers, the Dark Elves immediately flee and ran for their lives.  From then on, she swore to leave her dark past behind and devote herself to obliterating the evil forces.


Losing her sister has played a huge role in Karina’s decision to take the righteous path. Her pain turned into rage against the enemies. No demon can escape her wrath, especially with her Moon Shadow blades in hand.


So, go ahead and choose Karina as your next heroin in Mobile Legends. Experience girl power and sisterly love with this powerful character.

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