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If you’ve been playing Mobile Legends for a while now, you must have come across with a certain word that is present inMobile Legends Heroes and certain items: Spell Vamp. So what is Spell Vamp and what does it do?


Spell Vamp is a type of spell damage that is present in Abilities that absorbs enemy health. The word “Vamp” was derived from the word Vampirism and just like a vampire that sucks blood for him/her to become stronger, the same goes to Heroes with Spell Vamp.


The word itself has been present since the birth of the first DotA in 2005 and, years later, became more popularized in League of Legends and DotA 2. It is always synonymous to heroes and champions, particularly Mages and ability power-focused Assasins as well as items that scale the absorption more or help particular characters with no Spell Vamp acquire the type of spell damage.



In other words, it’s similar to lifesteal but instead of absorbing health through auto-attacks, you get it from your spells. Ability Power (AP) comes hand in hand with Spell Vamp.


While some heroes in ML already carry spell vamp passively, like Alice being the best example, players can increase the usefulness of the perk by buying items that harness the power of Spell Vamp. For ML, the item is meant for Mages however, experienced players have exploited the numbers and scaling by buying Spell Vamp items for Fighters like Balmond and Bane thanks to their passives and spells.


When a Spell Vamp-based hero gets fed, he/she can charge in the enemy solo, spamming Abilities here and there while absorbing the enemies’ health, making him/her unstoppable like a bloodthirsty vampire who becomes immune due to its insatiable cravings for blood.


Not every hero can benefit from Spell Vamp items since some of their abilities either deal small damage or rather a support spell for the teammates. A controversy keeps revolving around the community saying the Spell Vamp items are useful for all heroes but trust us, only a few select heroes really benefit from that.


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