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At some point, while playing Mobile Legends, you must have come across some toxic players saying how their KDA is better than yours. Maybe you’ve been watching strategy guides and the narrators keep saying KDA this, KDA that. You’ve been to forums and people are showing off their KDA and comparing each other stats. We get it, you’re confused. What is KDA you ask? Let us explain to you everything about it.


KDA stands for Kill/Death/Assist. Those are your general stats as a player who has contributed to a clash against an enemy or helping out teammates during a fight with others.


The term has been around for a very long time now since the emergence of competitive multiplayer games and is now a statistics staple in most team-based multiplayer games.


Take a look at this image right here:



See those numbers right below the two swords, skull and fist? Those represent Kill, Death, and Assist respectively.


Player performance is commonly judged based on their KDA. This, however, depends on your role.
If you’re the killer type whose main purpose is to kill other players (Assassins, Mages, Marksmen, Junglers, as long as they’re the carry of the team) to get your team nearer to the enemy nexus.


  • Let’s say Zilong had a KDA of 14/2/5—14 Kills, 2 Deaths, 5 Assists. That’s a pretty good score as a Carry.
  • How about Bruno: 4/15/1—4 Kills, 15 Deaths, 1 Assist. Those are bad numbers as this shows he died most of the time during clashes.


But if you’re the Tank or Support type like Johnson or Rafaela, Assists matter more than Kills since they’re more ally-focused than enemy-focused.


  • A Support/Tank KDA score of 3/8/21—3 Kills, 8 Deaths, 21 Assists are good numbers as it shows that the player helped out their allies for almost the whole game.


However just because your KDA is good does not change the fact that you can still lose in a few ways:


  • Your teammates have bad KDA and have fed the enemy
  • The enemy has successfully destroyed your Base’s Nexus before yours did
  • Teammate AFK


Refer to the image above again. Just like we mentioned, overall KDA doesn’t matter. The player’s team did horribly, resulting in bad KDAs, unlike the enemy team. However, they succeeded in destroying their enemy base first, giving them the win in the end.


What matters most is you either win or lose the overall game. KDA is just an added bragging rights bonus.


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