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The ever-growing argument on who’s the best hero in Mobile Legends wages on and on. It’s really one of the most debated questions ever, and not just in Mobile Legends but in every game as well.


Put it simply, we can’t tell you who is the best Mobile Legends Hero for each role. It’s very hard to determine who actually outshines the other because it all depends on you and your preferred playstyle.


Because if we ever told you who the best ones are, you’d either disagree or try out the hero only to fail in delivering his/her full potential which leads to an argument on who really is the best, but this time, according to you.


Do you see what we’re getting to in this conversation?


While we all have our own opinionated answer on who comes out on top, we do, however, have some recommendation for you if you’re still unsure which role you want to take at the first place.



Just remember that all Mobile Legends heroes are the best in their own way. It’s up to you to know who’s perfect for you. The following list is just recommendations:



  • If you want to be the more team-oriented player rather than a killer or objective pusher, Support is the best for you.
  • If you prefer being a healer, the likes of Gabriela and Estes should suit you just fine.
  • If you like being a crowd control master and an overall great contributor to the team, Minotaur, Johnson, and Nana are some of our recommendations.



  • This one depends if you like to be easy-going but a sure way to win the game or you want to be risky and show off some swagger moves on the field.
  • If you want to be easy, pick Layla, Miya or Clint.
  • If you prefer a bit more challenge, Claude, Karrie or Roger should be in your list.



  • Mages are mostly the midlaners and the back position of any team fight. They’re responsible for all types of AP damage.
  • If you want to try the simpler heroes, go with Karina, Eudora or Harley.
  • If more complex skills are what you want, Gord, Kagura, Valir, and Odette are great examples.



  • Capable of dealing tons of damage to low-health enemies
  • Assassins are pretty tricky but if you want simpler ones, go with Zilong, Saber or Lapu-Lapu
  • If you want to test your Assassin potential, try out Hayabusa, Natalia or Lancelot.


Fighters and Tanks

  • These are the toughest group of heroes around. Not only do they die hard but they deliver unrelenting CC as well.
  • If you’re the aggressive type of player, the likes of Hilda, Sun or Ruby is great for you.
  • If you’re the more team-oriented player that likes to out-position the target, Thamuz, Franco, and Tigreal are some good choices.


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