Mobile Legends | The Best Marksman Hero Just for You

As the name suggests, a Marksman is a type of hero that deals damage from afar. To many players, the Marksmen, also known as Attack Damage Carry (ADC) do the highest damage in the game, especially when the clock ticks more than 10 minutes.


Quite frankly, early game is where ADCs perform the worst: their damage is low, their skill sets don’t have any CCs, and they’re too squishy. But as the game progresses and the ADCs gradually get their items, they soon become a barrage of nightmares for their enemies.


The likes of Yi Sun-Shin, Karrie and Layla are certain heroes you don’t want to mess with, for example.



Don’t get us wrong but every Marksman is the best in their own terms. This will just depend upon the playstyle of the player.


  1. If you prefer long-range skills and sniping enemies from afar, you go with Layla, Miya or Yi Sun-Shin.


  1. Are you the type that wants to get nearer to the enemy and deal packs of damage through a high-risk high-reward playstyle? Bruno, Roger, Claude, and Hanabi are perfect for you.


  1. Need a hero that can push a lane quickly before the enemy notices their nexus is gone? A late-game freak like Moskov and Clint should do the trick.


  1. Want a bigger challenge that will test your Marksman skills? Try a more complex set of heroes like Karrie, Kimmy, Lesley, and Irithel if you’d like.


Again, each hero is the best depending on your reference.


However, if you’re new to the Marksman class, we do have a few recommendations:


  • Layla—just like the Mobile Legends tutorial, she’s fairly easy to use and has great stopping power.
  • Miya—the very mascot of Mobile Legends and has the basic stealth ability that should be also good if you want to practice how to sneak behind an enemy and flank them. Also has good burst.
  • Clint—has a strong passive that scales at late game and has a great poking power that should be fairly easy for players.


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