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Let’s be real here.


Mobile Legends is very fun but there are days when it can be very infuriating for several reasons—AFK teammates, toxic players, and enemy heroes that you think are too overpowering. But what if we told you that you can overcome all that?


If you’re here looking for the best strategy on how to win because hey, “WINNING IS EVERYTHING,” right? This guide should help you with that, but at the same time, we’re here to talk about losing.


“A strategy to losing?”


No, of course not. This is a strategy of how to enjoy the game for what it is and not about just winning.


Because if everything is all about winning in this game, the moment you lose, you’ll be infuriated and say that the strategy guide that you read about how to win games was useless.


So what’s the best strategy in Mobile Legends?


Be smart.


Be smart as a player, be smart in a sportsmanlike conduct.



You don’t understand? Let us reiterate it:


Be smart in playing.

  • There is a reason why each hero is assigned to a specific role. You do your role and everything is going to be fine. You’re a Support? Focus on the team. You’re a Mage? Gank the Top or Bottom lane. You’re a Marksman, group up in team fights.
  • Know the capabilities of your hero. You should be able to learn the right combos and the right timing with your teammates.


Be in the right position

  • This is how it goes on a team fight:
    • Tanks and Fighters are at the front
    • Assassin in the middle, roaming and checking potential out-positioned squishy targets
    • Supports, Mages, ADCs at the back. This is that the Tanks and Fighters will absorb all incoming attacks while you hit enemies from the back line.


Don’t be a sore loser

  • There will never be a day where you won’t lose. You will always keep losing in this game and you must accept the fact that you have lost a match.
  • There’s nothing you can do if you have a bad teammate, an AFK in the group or your internet was lagging.
  • Accept defeat for what it is and move on. It’s only a game anyway.


Mute if you have to

  • Honestly, there are plenty of toxic players in Mobile Legends. These guys will never shut up and will never stop blaming you for everything.
  • So what do you do? Mute them and play the rest of the game.
  • You don’t need to stoop to their levels and argue with them. Be the better man or woman. Just keep on playing.


Test out these strategies and play Mobile Legends for PC here for free!

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