Mobile Legends | The Best Support Hero Just for You

Arrogant carry mains will always say that being a Support is the easiest. That is not true at all. We’ve been there and let us tell you that playing as a Support with a bunch of tryhards who blame you all the time for not healing them even though you did is no easy task at all.


If you feel our pain, then amen to that. If you main Support, we’re sure you have your own favorites. And if you ask us who the best ones are, we’ll just say “All of them”.


Whether you like it or not, every Support hero is great on his/her own.


There is just no bad hero at all. Period.



It just all comes down to the situation of your team. How do you analyze them? We’ll show you how and we’ll give you some hero recommendations along the way.


  • The team is full of squishy heroes.
    By squishy, we mean heroes that die easily. These are mostly Assassins, Mages, and Marksmen. What you want to do is to pick a Tank support like Minotaur, Johnson, or Hylos.


  • The team is a mix of Tanks, Fighters, and squishies.
    If you have one Tank, 2 Fighters and one squishy, or one Tank, 2 squishies and 1 Fighter, or one Tank and 3 of either squishies or Fighters, pick a Healer. The likes of Gabriela, Minotaur or Estes is great to sustain your team, especially during fights.


  • The team is full of Assassins and a FighterTank.
    While Assassins do have the most damages, keep in mind that the sacrifice both health and crowd control (CC) skills. That’s where support heroes with heavy CCs come to minds such as Angela, Nana, and Lolita.


  • The team is full of Fighters/Tanks.
    In some situation, you may find yourself with a group full of Tanks and Fighters that will bruise the enemies a lot. At this point, there’s no losing scenario if you choose a healer or CC-based Support. Kaja and Diggie are great for diversions and attracting enemies, Rafaela is an aggro support, and Nana just doesn’t let her enemies escape.


We told you they’re all great.


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