Mobile Legends | Everything you need to know about Events

These days, a lot of Free-to-Play competitive online games have a feature called Events.


Events are usually loosely based on the game’s story and consist of various challenges, and, at times, game-changing scenarios, altering the game itself. Players who participate in Events are always rewarded with exclusive items and other perks that you won’t find in the normal modes of the game.


Lootbox-based games even host an “Up Time”, a term that means a higher probability, for players to have more chances to acquire legendary or extra rare items.



In the case of Mobile Legends Events, there are always various reasons for certain Events to happen—a new season, a set of limited-time challenges, skin discounts, and a newly released Hero. It’s where the peak of their marketing ploy happens—the same marketing strategy of other F2P games as limited-time events give a sense of urgency for players to either pay in-game currency to instantly buy or have a higher chance to get the seasonal item or grind all day and night to get them for free.


Events are what make an ongoing online game like Mobile Legends relevant in today’s world where brand-new games always show up every month, luring loyal crowds to go for something new. Events make the game feel fresh every time, showing that the developers really care for their community.


Fortunately, Moonton does care for its players by adding events almost every month—from promotional skins, to discount prices, limited-time game modes, exclusive display icons, seasonal map and skin themes like summer party or Christmas, double BP payout, and news on Mobile Legends Esports games.


There are also Events for newcomers in the game, rewarding them with EXP boosts, permanently unlocked heroes and tickets, which are enough to get them started quickly and into the fast track of becoming the next big player.


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