A closer look at Mobile Legends heroes origin

By now, you’ve probably heard about Mobile Legends and its roster of heroes. Perhaps, you are also trying to figure out which character is the best one to use during those online battles. But have you ever thought about these heroes’ origin? Fighting skills aside, these characters have backstories waiting to be told.


We narrowed down a list of Mobile Legends heroes origin that will definitely bring a whole new meaning to the game. Check them out below.


Origin of Mobile Legends Heroes - Fanny

Origin of Mobile Legends Heroes – Fanny


Fanny – This character has always desired to fly despite the fact that she is just human. Her passion in flying led her to endless training sessions until she gained the moniker Blade of Freedom.


Natalia – Raised by the Church of Light, this character was trained to be the best assassins for the Church. However, after a failed mission, she decided to prove herself more and ran away from the Empire and Church. She went on to take more dangerous missions, proving that a single mistake from the past will never affect her fighting skills.


Origin of Mobile Legends Heroes

Origin of Mobile Legends Heroes


Lancelot – Hailed from the Baroque family in the Land of Dawn, this character showed outstanding skills in fencing even at such a young age. His fame brought him arrogance, which eventually led to his defeat. However, things took a different turn after he met Princess Odette. The once arrogant man became enamored with the princess and learned to be a better version of himself.


Harley – Blessed by the Magical Goddess, this character was the star of Lion Academy of Magical City. His skills and magical spells led him to the Land of Dawn, where he improved his abilities even more. He was also able to destroy the core of Demorte, the Boss of Dark Wizards, making him one of the most powerful mages in Magical City and Land of Dawn.


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