Mobile Legends Season 7: The End Of An Epic Season

Mobile Legends Season 7 had already ended. It gave players the chance to grind and acquire awesome prizes with their rank. Basically, each season is going to run for at least three months. As the current one ends, a new one will begin. Here is everything to know about Mobile Legends Season 7 end date details.


When Did Mobile Legends Season 7 End?

The season was announced to end at the end of March 2018. Although the official site of the hit mobile game did not mention an exact date and time, it was confirmed to end shortly after February this year.


As mentioned, each season is given a three-month run. Since Season 6 ended in December of 2017, it was only imperative for the 7th season to start sometime in January the following year. Also, the site mentions the 8th season of Mobile Legends started in the first week of April 2018, thus, ended on the last day of March 2018.


What Rewards Were Offered?

The 7th season offers three reward tiers. They are as follows:

  • Bronze Reward: Summoner symbol and profile badge
  • Silver Reward: Summoner symbol, profile badge, Victorious ward skin, and loading screen border
  • Gold Reward: Summoner symbol, profile badge, Victorious ward skin loading screen border, as well as, Victorious Graves.


In order to achieve the Victorious reward, players must obtain silver or higher in any of the 2 ranked queues.


As for the Chroma reward work, it was a different process. The Victorious skin and Graves can be obtained when a player gains gold in ay ranked queue. But as far as receiving colored Chromas was concerned, this really depended on which ranked queue(s) players got either Gold or higher.



The Honor Reward

If players completed the season and ended up with Honor 3 or higher, they would get a special ward skin based on the honor level they ended the season with. 


Disqualification Notes to Keep in Mind

As announced by Riot Games before, there were players deemed ineligible for the season’s rewards:

  • Players who had either ongoing bans or chat restrictions when the season ended.
  • Players who received a ban of 7 days or more prior to the end of the 6th season and the start of the 7th
  • Players who boosted during the season will be banned from the game.


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