Mobile Legends vs Ace of Arenas | A Brief Comparison


Now we’re diving deep into the MOBA rabbit hole with a more…unusual MOBA game.


Welcome to Ace of Arenas—a game developed and published by Gaea Mobile. It was released back in 2015 as a contender to the early versions of Arena of Valor, Vainglory, and Heroes of Order & Chaos, long before the release of Mobile Legends.


This is the Mobile Legends vs Ace of Arenas comparison


We honestly have to say that it does have some good pros versus Mobile Legends. Just some:

  • Slightly better graphics—just like Heroes Evolved
  • A varied map theme
  • The announcer sounds quite pleasing unlike Mobile Legends shouty announcer that honestly sounds annoying
  • Good musical score
  • Has a Ward (Honestly, when will Moonton add Wards in Mobile Legends?)
  • Slightly more complex gameplay than Mobile Legends
  • Clean-looking HUD that looks like a professional MOBA game


The rest…well, let’s just say Mobile Legends is just more preferable. You’d think for 3 years being present in the mobile market the developers would fix their game, but they never did. Yes, Gaea Mobile did make some improvements but the game just performs poorly:

  • Clunky animations that made it feel like playing on an unresponsive PS1 game
  • Delayed sound effects that just felt so weird
  • Only a handful of heroes to choose from
  • Poor matchmaking due to the low count in player base
  • Bad voice acting


We wanted to give Ace of Arenas a good score but it’s such an unfinished game. It had a good concept of having a more distinct roster with some skill-based gameplay like DotA but they couldn’t deliver.


It felt quite flat in so many ways—the main menu was dull and the abilities and other actions aren’t responsive too.


Also, the microtransactions in this game are quite expensive too. You’d think Mobile Legends skins are pricey, wait till you get a load of this.


All in all, just stick with Mobile Legends.


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