Mobile Legends vs Arena of Valor | A Brief Comparison

Ever since its release in 2016, Mobile Legends has overthrown all other known mobile games in the multiplayer segment. To this day, it is the #1 online mobile game.


Naturally, other game developers seek out to compete with Moonton’s juggernaut of a game that is storming through a vast demographic of casual online players in the mobile platform.


One of those developers was Timi Studio Group who worked on to create Arena of Valor in 2015 and released in China the following year. The game got its global release in 2017 by Garena—one of the biggest game companies in South East Asia that serve as a game client for Point Blank, Heroes of Newerth, FIFA Online 3, and most notably, League of Legends.


And now you have Mobile Legends vs Arena of Valor—a feud that has the mobile community separate into two factions.


Honestly, Arena of Valor plays exactly like Mobile Legends—same simplified controls, auto-aim, instant item purchases, 3 different spells for each hero and the same map layout.


The only notable differences here are some of the terms especially when it comes to the Battle Spells as well as some world-renowned characters.

  • Spells such as Retribution and Fury in Mobile Legends are called Punish and Roar respectively in Arena of Valor
  • By “world-renowned” characters, we mean the DC Universe including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Joker—which makes the game oddly interesting



But other than those, it’s quite the same. Even the rank system is also identical to each other. Character designs in Arena of Valor are eerily just like Mobile Legends. Just think of each game like some sort of parallel universe where the heroes with identical kits are either genderbent, good or evil, or your generic big guy in a heavy armor but wears no helmet.


If you ask us which is better, we’ll give you an honest answer: neither. Because that will depend upon you which you prefer, however they’re just too similar. It’s like twin siblings but they’re against each other.


Although, despite the difference, it’s no doubt that Mobile Legends is still more popular in the App Store and Play Store charts than Arena of Valor.


But hey, at least Arena of Valor has a Nintendo Switch version. Will we see a similar action by Mobile Legends too? Only time will tell…as well as Moonton’s budget.


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