Mobile Legends vs King of Glory | A Brief Comparison


China is honestly full of MOBA knock-offs that just makes the genre very monotonous. While Mobile Legends is the most successful Chinese-based MOBA game, at least it has more balance than other games.


What started out as a complete carbon copy of League of Legends is now slowly having its own identity and we should respect Moonton for doing so. Pretty sure Tencent, the company that bought Riot Games and its Internal Property, League of Legends, was behind the reason why Moonton soon created an identity of its own with Mobile Legends.


If you haven’t heard the news, Tencent sued Moonton for directly copying everything from League of Legends—from the sound effects to certain voice grunts and even character design. Tencent won the case and Moonton soon had to redesign its characters. This is why characters like Zilong, Chou, Eudora, Layla, and Alucard (sued by Capcom for copying Dante from the Devil May Cry Series) were drastically changed.


The reason why we brought up Tencent was that they also published another MOBA game for mobile devices and ironically copied the same elements from League of Legends. They call it King of Glory—which, according to an article by, is the highest-grossing game in the world as of 2016. Weirdly enough, the game has more than 80 million daily active users, which makes this the most popular mobile MOBA game…in China.


So why do people prefer this game than Mobile Legends? Let’s make a Mobile Legends vs King of Glory comparison:

  • King of Glory has better graphics
  • King of Glory has both wards and bushes.  Mobile Legends only has bushes.
  • King of Glory has more responsive controls.
  • King of Glory has cheaper prices for the skins, even the legendary and ultimate ones compared to Mobile Legends


Does that mean King of Glory is better? Not quite. Here are Mobile Legends advantages:

  • Mobile Legends is accessible to all countries.  King of Glory is only available in China and Europe
  • Mobile Legends has more responsive controls
  • English texts are grammatically correct.  King of Glory has the usual auto-translation errors.
  • Mobile Legends has more distinctive heroes than King of Glory’s roster that is ironically the same as League of Legends


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