Mobile Legends vs Vainglory | A Brief Comparison


The broad demographic may see Arena of Valor as the archenemy of Mobile Legends, but a chunk of the mobile gaming community will say that it’s wrong. In fact, there lies a MOBA mobile game that is considered to be the most skill-based online game for the platform. The deeper community calls this one the original MOBA game that mastered the mobile craft.


In 2014, when Apple released the iPhone 6, there came a game which had beautiful graphics and awesome gameplay—this game was called Vainglory.


Vainglory was developed and published by Super Evil Megacorp or SEMC for short (kudos for being honest unlike other game companies like EA and 2K Games).


SEMC has claimed Vainglory to be the “MOBA perfected to touch”.


If you haven’t heard nor played Vainglory, this is, without a doubt, a very worthy contender against Mobile Legends. The argument of Mobile Legends vs Vainglory keeps going on in forums and discussions even to this day.


From the colorful cast of characters and distinctive gameplay, players can truly see the difference between the two games. Here are the features that make Vainglory for what it is:

  • A more original and unique roster of heroes that have personality
  • Great HD graphics that runs at 120 FPS thanks to their exclusive Evil Engine
  • Controls are more responsive and choosing targets is easier since it’s more touch-based than control-based, although they have recently released a control-layout too
  • Wonderful sound design and musical scoring that feels epic every game
  • No auto-buying of items while on the battlefield. You have to either buy in your base or visit secret shops—allowing for more strategies
  • Easier premade pings and messages to access for your team
  • Global taunts to show-off your skills
  • Global ults that require anticipation skills
  • Fog of war
  • No penalty for your Ranked game if you have AFK teammate
  • Lots of rewards for players participating in events and reaching a high rank at the end of the season
  • Great voice acting for heroes and a good amount of dialogues


With all these features, you may think it’s better than Mobile Legends. For a lot of players, it really is, but that doesn’t mean Mobile Legends is nothing compared to Vainglory


While Vainglory caters to a more serious gaming demographic, not a lot of mobile players are into the high-skilled gaming scene. This means that the game actually suffers from a large player base, leading to long matchmaking. The new controller layout, similar to Mobile Legends, is also quite unresponsive and makes the hero act like it’s spazzing all over the floor. Mobile Legends is also known for its wonderful Hero menu where you get to see players up close and personal with nice animations.  Vainglory doesn’t have that.


But if there is anything to applaud between the two games, it’s that they both listen to their communities. And nothing is better in video games than the creators responding to customer feedback.


Therefore in the end, while they are distinct from each other, both are winners.


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