Mobile Legends | Who is the Best Hero?


The ever-growing argument—who is the best hero in Mobile Legends?


Players everywhere will say their own opinions about it, causing a huge argument in the community. But if you ask us, we’ll tell you this:


The best hero in Mobile Legends is really up to you.


There are no best nor worst hero per se since that depends upon the preferred playstyle of the gamer.


The problem here is that each hero is unique from one another, separated into different categories: Tank, Fighter, Support, Assassin, Mage, Marksman.


You can, however, pick who’s the best in each category but there are no facts here.


The question “Who is the best hero” will always be answered with an opinion.


For the Fighters, one may say Chou is the best while another player is going to tell you that Zilong is the greatest.


Assasins get the same treatment too: A group is going to be loyal to Hayabusa because, for them, there’s no other Assassin that’s better than him. Another group will attest that and say Natalia overthrows everyone else.


No category of heroes is safe. As long as the game keeps on going and the players keep on playing, the argument on who is the best will forever continue.


This, of course, depends on the current meta too.


A meta represents the viability of each hero in a particular season, separating each hero into tiers—from the God-Tier to the Poor-Tier.


Casual players look up to the Pro players, especially in the esports to see which hero is currently the best in the season, depending on how much Moonton, the developer and publisher of the game, has buffed or nerfed each hero.


At one point, Lancelot is a priority choice for Assassins in one meta and then begins to be unviable on the next meta.


We can’t tell you exactly who the best hero is. That depends on how you like to play Mobile Legends.


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