Pharsa or Odette? Who Should Be Your Next Mage Hero In Mobile Legends?

When it comes to Mage heroes in Mobile Legends, Pharsa and Odette have always been the top choice of many players. Both characters have almost equally impressive skills, making it quite a tough choice. Let’s take a closer look at Pharsa vs Odette in our comparison below.



Pharsa’s Abilities


Spiritual Unity

This is considered a passive skill of Pharsa. When this powerful Mage team up with Verri, the damage they can cause is truly massive — thanks to the Spiritual Unity. Apparently, whenever Verri goes on a Hunting State, Pharsa can easily inflict 300 magical damage and slows down the enemy. This passive skill also helps Pharsa do unexpected kills and assists, something that is quite useful on the battlefield.


Wings By Wings

This particular ability is the Crow princess’ most useful mobility skill. Wing by wings assist her to move with ease during fights and even help her evade dangerous situations. This skill also enables Pharsa to fly over terrains for an extended period — 5 seconds to be exact. It is worth noting though that the skill will be canceled once subjected to crowd control.


Energy Impact

This mage’s skill can inflict up to 350 magical damage to nearby enemies, especially those in front of her. This massively damaging ability also allows her to pursue enemies effectively and wipe out minion waves. Energy Impact can even trigger Pharsa’s passive skill Spiritual Unity.


Feathered Air Strike

This is one of the longest range skills in Mobile Legends. It is also considered as Pharsa’s most damaging ability. It has the ability to inflict high damage with long duration and short cooldown time. The Feathered Air Strike is definitely a game changer, especially if utilized well.



Odette’s Abilities


Lakeshore Ambience

This passive skill of Odette allows her to deliver basic attacks with an added bonus — a sound wave attack that can hit multiple enemies at once. This particular attack can inflict 144-200 magical damage and is especially effective when used during the early and middle stages of the battle.


Avian Authority

Since Odette is a Swan Princess, summoning a swan is a very easy task for her. Once present, the swan can inflict 250 magical damage to enemies and slow down their movement speed for two seconds. Avian Authority is considered the most spammable skill by Odette. In fact, players can use it almost instantly with it 8-second cooldown. Enemies will incur a considerable amount of damage and significantly reduced speed once attacked using this skill.


Blue Nova

This magical ball can inflict 200 magical damage to enemies and stun them for one second. While it’s true that Blue Nova can be quite tricky to use, it can cause significant damage depending on how it is set up in Mobile Legends.

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