Privileges of Mobile Legends Starlight Members

Similar to other games, Mobile Legends also offers a premium membership that is called Starlight Member. Mobile Legends Starlight Member is purchased as a monthly membership to have access to content not available to regular users on the game. Now, what is in this membership that is worth the purchase? Players who purchase Mobile Legends Starlight Membership immediately receive the limited edition release of Mobile heroes and skins for that specific month. Members receive other privileges such as a one-time limited skin and four free heroes that are sent weekly. This means, the skin will only be available for purchase this month and will not be available next month since another skin will be available for purchase.



These featured content can be viewed under the hero page that is refreshed every week with the new heroes. Another perk of the membership is players will receive 5% extra BP at the end of every battle. Starlight Members can also switch to different kinds of exclusive avatar borders that can be accessed in the basic info page. Aside from the weekly rewards, players also enjoy an extra free rotation of heroes that can also be used in the ranked game.


Just a reminder, since this is a monthly membership, members should remember to get it every month to keep access to their content that comes with the membership. Rewards will be given weekly to members who extend their membership or make a purchase. The rewards will then be given for 7 days and will we be sent to the player’s mailbox. Players should check their mailbox within the game to view your rewards.


So what do you think? Come on and try out the Starlight Membership to gain access to all this perks and privileges and see for yourself the game experience that comes with it! Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on your PC today!

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