What are the Pros and Cons of Tank Hero?

Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends are considered the front-line champions on the battlefield. They have the ability to lock down enemies and trigger fights at their advantage. Tanks are also known to be aggressive, which perfectly compliments fragile teammates. Here are some of the pros and cons of Tank Hero.



The Pros


Better Health Points

Tank heroes are known to have higher health points compared to other types of heroes. However, they have relatively lower attacks. Mobile Legends beginners will definitely benefit from playing these characters as they are easier to use.


Awesome Build Items

Tank heroes also have better build items. Basically, they use items that are more defensive compared to other class. One of the most common build item tanks use are armors, which make them susceptible to attacks.


A Sacrificial Hero

Normally, tanks are the ones taking most of the damages during team fights. Since tank heroes tend to be in the frontline, they were the first to endure attacks while protecting other team members. Tank heroes play a huge role when it comes to the team’s victory as they are the first to deal with enemies before the rest of the team. If tanks managed to obliterate enemies before it reaches the other members of the team, then it’s a sure win for them.



The Cons


Limited Tasks

Tank heroes may be useful in battle but they have their limitations as well. In fact, these characters will find it hard to dominate the game alone. Just like any other tandem, it’s a lot better to team up with compatible characters to get the best possible results.


They Are Slower

Another downside of tanks is that they are slower compared to other heroes. They tend to move around the map in a slow manner, which could have a negative impact on the team and overall gameplay.


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