Types of Mobile Legends Heroes

In every Mobile Legends game, players create their perfect teams using avatars or hero in the game. Let’s get to know more about the different types of heroes that are in the game.


Basically, there are 6 categories: Assassins, Tanks, Fighters, Mages, Marksmen, and Support. Each category has their own specific set of abilities, objectives, utilities, skill build, and etc. It’s good to try out heroes to get to know more about their skills and abilities. Understanding what they can do will help a player know their opponents next action based on their chosen avatars. It will also help you predict if you can win a fight because you know how strong or weak your opponent is.


In general, players should know the fighting ability since it has ratings for difficulty, offense, durability, jungle, poke, and ability effects. All players start at skill level 1 but skill builds ranges from level 1 to 15. Players can then unlock the ULT so that you can level up in the skill build. Next, for each specific hero, there is a skill intro where each has a different specialty attack like the Sacred Hammer, Attack Wave, Fearless, and Implosion.



Now, let’s have a quick overview of each hero type.


Assassins are agile fighters that can cause high damage and can kill in instant. They are known to roam the jungle and surprise their opponents to attack and kill. They have high speed, and a high burst of damage but have very low HP. They are more difficult to use that is why they are best used by more experienced players.


Tanks are known for their defensive skills and high HP (Healthpoint) that is why they are the front-line in the attacks. They are used to lead the attacks and protect their teammates during battles. However, keep in mind that Tanks can only cause low damage so are used mostly as for defense.


Fighters possess both defensive and offensive capabilities. They are best used for close range combat since they can attack and also have a good defense as well.


Mages are magicians that can cause high damage early in the game that is why they are the priority targets of the enemy. They have special effects and one of the easiest heroes to use in the game. However, they are wasteful of Mana and have the lowest HP.


Marksmen are known for their high attack and high damage in the later part of the game. They are also used for long-range attacks but have the lowest durability and easy to kill so keep that in mind in the early part of the game.


Support is the easiest hero to use and known for their healing abilities. They are used to shield, heal, and protect the other members of the team to keep them alive. They can cause the lowest damage and is a main target of the enemy due to their healing abilities.


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