Get To Know The Underrated Heroes In Mobile Legends

In choosing a hero in Mobile Legends, it’s quite easy to come up with the decision to pick the most popular and strongest ones. After all, who wouldn’t want to have the best roster in the game? But did you know that there are underrated heroes in Mobile Legends? That’s right! These characters are so underestimated that they have always been the last choice.


Get to know some of them and see why they’re better than what people think.




This Malefic Gunner may be a starter hero, but she has the aim and range of a pro. Layla, who belongs to the Marksman category, has always been touted as the easiest to eliminate in battle due to her lack of escape strategy and disabling skills. This requires her to depend on her teammates for protection during fights.


While it’s true that she’s somehow vulnerable, her damage skill is so strong that it can cause chaos in a large area, especially during the latter part of the game.




Her title, Queen of the Apocalypse, may sound fearsome and powerful but it’s not enough to make her one of the top choices in Mobile Legends. In fact, Alice is one of the least picked Mage heroes in the game. Apparently, this is because of her second and ultimate skill.


You see, her first skill allows for poking and teleporting, which can be very useful during battle. However, her second and ultimate skill requires players to be near the enemies in order to get the best results. This is a disadvantage since she’s susceptible to attacks and damages. However, with a proper strategy, Alice can definitely shine and could even bring the team to victory.




Also known as the Monkey King, this Fighter Hero is also an unpopular choice for players. This is because of his inability to control his clones. However, with the right team composition and tactics, he can be quite an asset.


His clones can be useful in tower-diving, which will then open an opportunity for other team members to invade the enemies.


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