The Ups and Downs of the Assassin Hero

Being an Assassin in any game is always fun, hands down. You’d be lying if you say being one in any competitive online game is quite boring.


The role is quite common in the world of MOBAs and they’re always standardized for one responsibility: Being the biggest damage dealers in the game.


In the case of Mobile Legends, there are over 13 Assassin heroes to choose from, as of the 3rd quarter of 2018.



Today we’ll be looking at the pros and cons of Assassin heroes.


Here are some basic ground rules for Assassins:

  • Be the main killer of the team
  • Prioritize low-health enemies more than any other target
  • Target the squishy heroes first before the tank
  • Escape once you’ve cleaned out your target or go in to flush out the rest of the enemies with the help of your teammates
  • Avoid going in solo versus more than one enemy at once



  • Assassins have the largest melee damage output in the game, whether AD or AP. It’s a debatable topic but there’s a reason why their main role is to kill enemies more than taking objectives.
  • Assassins are fast and agile. They have one of the fastest movement speeds in the game as well as each of them having at least one “escape” skill, which is handy for when they are cornered by the enemy team or having to run out of an enemy turret.
  • Assassins are the biggest pressures for squishy heroes. Supports and Mages often fear the presence of an enemy Assassin due to the amount of damage they can deal with
  • Assassin skill sets always have low cooldowns. Unlike other roles, Assassin spells take a very quick while before they can use them again. Yes, even the ult.
  • Assassins scale well with AD or AP items, depending on what their passive stats are.



  • They are very squishy. Yes, their priority targets are low-health enemies but if they’re caught off-guard, they can die easily.
  • They’re lackluster in duels vs Fighters. If you’re an Assassin planning to brawl out with a Fighter like Lapu-Lapu or Alpha, you won’t stay alive for long. They’re built to last during clashes.
  • They lack CCs. For all the things they benefit from damage dealing, they lack in crowd control. It’s what makes the game balanced.


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